Children’s Rescue Outreach International (CROI) was formed under the laws of Texas on December 22, 2004. As far back as November 1994 Lucy Roberts started to conduct fund raising activities to help her people in Liberia with food and clothing during the civil war.
During a visit in 1999 to Liberia, Lucy encouraged the women’s group to come together and help the orphans, needy children and widows in Owens Grove because she believed that in unity and through prayer, they could make a difference in the lives of the people of Liberia. While in Liberia Lucy met with Mr. & Mrs. Alex Clarke, the founder of Children’s Rescue Center in Mount Barclay, Liberia. It was during this time Mr. & Mrs. Clark decided to relocate to Monrovia because they had lost everything including the houses on the campus, caused by the civil war.  Lucy and the Clarke family decided to work together to help orphans and abandoned children in Liberia.
At the present time, Children’s Rescue Outreach International (CROI) has five acres of land in Grand Bassa County, Compound #1. CROI has built two dormitories for girls and boys, a temporary school and a church.